3D Cube

This technology provides 360 degree visibility. Imagine you are focusing on the interiors of a new showroom. You can make available on display the entire premise at a single display location. It supports three-dimensional viewing and is high resolution technology. It meets the human eye with 3-D reality. If you are using it in an exhibition space, it can be made interactive too.


The size of the 3D cube can be customized as per your requirements. You can make it stand on th floor or hang it from the roof as you deem fit for the occasion. The software used to display the animation is easy to use. The color options provide RGB and full color handling capabilities. The technology comes with a SD Card controller for your ease of operation.

3D Cube Booth Sings



  • Real 3D with 360° visibility.
  • High-resolution realistic view
  • Fluent animation
  • Interactive for exhibition booth



  • Custom size
  • Floor standing and roof handing possible
  • Every single LED control
  • Easy software for animation
  • RGB full colour SMD
  • SD card controller