Android Signage

Android Signages are interactive touch-screens that come pre-installed with the Android platform to support any application or website. These signages can be used as a display screen, an informational kiosk or a point of sale. The product brings the experience of using an in-hand smart tablet to a bigger screen thus, bridging the gap between online and retail. With a size that ranges up to 27-inches, this digital smart sign has possibilities of being a real-time brochure and store within the retail environment itself.
The basic setup model is as simple as it gets. Android Signages support a custom OS display with a Plug and Play feature. There is no need to even buy a separate media box. It only requires a power outlet and WiFi or Ethernet connection to get started. The whole experience is straight forward and complicit with the behavior of your target consumer. Android Signages shape a retail as an unrestrained environment where every product’s availability is accentuated to be scrutinized and consequentially bought. The screen provided supports a Full HD resolution thus, creating a higher quality niche.
Android Signages are wall mountable which helps utilize your retail space to the maximum. A content management system (CMS) is provided with the signage to ensure that recalibrations made by you are seamless and instant. The product being interactive in nature ensures active consumer participation and interest.



  1. Pre-Installed with Android version 4.4.1
  2. Simple Plug and Play solution
  3. Full HD screen with 1080p resolution
  4. CMS Solution for seamless installation and updates
  5. Connectivity via WiFi, LAN or Ethernet
  6. Interactive and Capacitive Touch Screen
  7. Wide Viewing Angles