Animated Signage – Indoor

Our Indoor Animated signages come in attractive and eye catching varieties to cater across business platforms. They possess an intrinsic elegance by virtue of their portable ultra-thin slim box feature. These displays have the capability of transmitting light over a long range without fear of fading or obscuring.  Our installations are available in all three modes, namely table top, wall mounted and hanging.


You can customize your animation as per the artwork that is meant to be used. It comes in different sizes with the maximum dimension slated at 8 ft X 4 ft in the form of cutouts or shapes. The thickness of our display ranges from 8 to 12 mm. These displays are meant for indoor use only.


  • Attractive and eye catching
  • Portable ultra thin slim box
  • High light transmission
  • 3 way installation – table top, wall mounted, and hanging



  • Animation can be customized as per artwork
  • Max size 8 ft X 4ft , shape/cutout possible
  • Thickness 8-12 mm
  • For indoor use only