Animated Signage – Outdoor

Our outdoor animated signage displays are tailor made for shop fronts. They possess the capability of high level of light transmission. They can optimally cater to your requirements if you are in the lookout for a store front or shop board or billboard or any other outdoor fixture of your choice.


As in the case of indoor signage, here too you can customize the animation as per art work. For the flex and acrylic fascia categories, we come in different sizes with a ceiling of 8ft X 4ft. In the event you choose soft fascia, there is no ceiling on size. The displays typically have a thickness of 2 to 3 inches and come with complete water proofing to enable outdoor use in all seasons.


  • Animated shop front
  • High light transmission
  • Best used as store signage, shop board, billboard etc



  • Animation can be customized as per artwork
  • Max size 8ft X 4ft with acrylic fascia, with flex/soft fascia any size possible
  • Thickness 2-3 inch
  • Water proofing for outdoor use