Backlit Glass Panel

Using high quality low voltage LEDs, our Backlit Signages are portable and sturdy. You can mount them on the wall or alternately locate them on a table top. You can also explore the option of ceiling hanging signage. We offer flexibility in changing the translit lighting arrangement. Being low voltage, it follows that the power consumption is low. You can avail of this service of ours for offices, showrooms or at promotional zones.


Our Backlit signage displays come with a minimum thickness ranging from 7 to 12 mm. We can cater to your waterproofing needs if required. The signages come in two varieties, single-sided or double sided. We can customize the size according to your requirements.


  • Portable and sturdy
  • Can be wall mounted or made table top.
  • Ceiling hanging signages, wall mount or table top possible
  • Translit can be changes
  • Low power consumption
  • For offices, showroom, or promotional zone



  • Minimum thickness : 7mm – 12m
  • Can be made waterproof
  • Single sided or double side
  • Custom size available