Digital Signages

Digital Signages are screens embedded in sturdy fixtures that are capable of playing images, videos or any content on a loop. They effectively transform your abstract product banners into a real-time experience. Our signages are packaged with an in-built media player that is completely self-programmable. The core functionalities of the device allow your content to run seamlessly. For updating the visuals, one only needs to add the files via USB or Network to the signage and it takes care of the rest. This is what gives you an edge over the other products available. There is no need for additional support anymore to update your content.
As pioneers in the market, we bring the Digital Signages to you in all possible sizes right from a 7-inch screen to a 60-inch fixture. Our bandwidth of options makes digital signages an affordable and adaptable option through all your constraints. The array of sizes ensure maximization of your retail space within the budgetary requirements.
We offer the product in two variants i.e. Standalone and Network Signage. While the Standalone Digital Signage uses a USB to read content, the Network model synchronizes the data through all your signages using our customized Content Management Software (CMS). Additionally, the Network Signages are also WiFi-enabled and sport a chipset with internal memory. This product enables you to change the visuals at every location just by the click of a few buttons on your main terminal.
We at Thinkpoint intend to revolutionize your marketing capabilities through our digital signages. Our team shares their expertise to aid you at every step ensuring that you make the most out of your products. A Digital Signage brings your product to life and has been hailed as one of the most consumer engaging medium of recent times.