DIY Controllers

Controllers as standalone devices are circuit boards which create a flow of lights adding an ambient element to the environment. The applications of the hardware are endless as a DIY Product. Its usage is further simplified with the ease of exercising the software. No external support is needed to program the controller.


To aid you further, we provide training to use the product and software at the time of purchase. Support services are provided for the creation of intricate animations in accordance with your requirements as well. The hardware provided by us is exceptionally slim and reliable. We offer the product in a range of variants starting from a 4-step to a 64-step channel. Additionally, we at Thinkpoint extend our services and expertise in the selection of the right controller for your needs.


LED Controllers bundled with our in-house software enable the user to choose the time, brightness and sequence of lights to create an end-to-end customized animation. Being software driven, the device is completely reprogrammable. A simple Plug and Play connection allows you to create, change or update whenever you want to. Being affordable and reprogrammable, Controllers become an asset to your organization that propagate marketing innovations in the long run.



  • Array of options from a 4 to 64-step channel
  • Just 3mm thick, easy to hide within signage
  • Plug and Play connection for ease of use
  • User-friendly software provided for sequencing
  • Works on a 5 to 12V DC
  • Each output port is 3A, stable in high current
  • Adaptive and Reprogrammable Animation