LED Signages

LED Signages are signs with artwork that is backlit by a static or dynamic board of LED lights. The signage has the possibility of being created either as a block-out or an animated variant depending your specifications. The key advantage of this product is the versatility it offers. Along an array of options to choose from, the signs are optimized for both indoor and outdoor use. With the dynamic animated signage, the experience further becomes completely customizable.
LED Signages stand true to all your marketing sensibilities. The product is given shape reliant upon its placement within a retail space; be it on a table top, as a wall mounting or a hanging fixture. There are no restraints in terms of size which makes the signage apt for usage as a store front or billboard too. We offer the product with a thickness that’s up to only 8mm thus, ensuring a much cleaner look to the whole environment. It also shares the capabilities of a shelf talker as the front fascia and its dependent LED board can be cut-out in the form of the artwork. As a shelf talker, it can be positioned on product racks or FSU maximizing the product marketability.
The signages transmit heavy lighting which is not privy to the usual blockages in a retail scenario. The product is hence being prominent in its presence has been known to create a long lasting brand memory among consumers.



  1. Portable and Ultra-Thin structure for easy installation
  2. Option for a Block Out or Animated variant
  3. Customizable sizes and structures available
  4. Bright backlight board with static or dynamic capabilities
  5. Waterproofing option presented for outdoor use
  6. Thickness ranging from 4mm to 8mm
  7. Adaptable design in line with provided specifications