RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that reads and transmits information in its system through contactless gestures. It mainly consists of two parts, the RFID Tag and the RFID Reader. A movement of the tag within the reader’s orbit triggers a pre-programmed response. This simplistic equipment has been molded by us to enhance your consumer’s experience.


The RFID reader is connected by a circuit board which houses the program to trigger an appropriate response from an associated tag. The versatility of the tag allows its placement to be completely adaptable. The reader can further be linked to an output device that screens the response designated. This relationship between the two parts has been harnessed by us to create interactive environments. For instance, the mere movement of a product is capable of populating an ad, video, picture or any information that you would like your end consumer to see. The product effectively creates a real-time and engaging experience that digitizes your retail environment. It ensures that your strategies reach the right consumer at the right time. RFID functions to transform your setting into a smart store.


We at Thinkpoint fabricate retail spaces that bridge the difference between an online and offline environment. Through these kinds of innovations, we push the envelope of your brand’s marketability and presence in today’s times.