Smart LED’s

Smart LEDs:

Smart LEDs are programmable versions that use white color for display. They are best used for dynamic effects, meaning moving LED effects. They come with 5050 SMD strips that make the lighting three times more effective. They are apt in areas which are subject to high level of ambient light. They also use the INK 1003 IC strip.


The LEDs come with 5 m flexible strip rolls that are fitted in double coated PCBs. We also provide waterproofing facility.


Edge LEDs:

The Edge LEDs also come with all the benefits of using Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs). They use 314 SMD strip. They are ideally used for manufacturing thin signages.

Smart LED’s


Smart LED

  • Programmable LED in white colour
  • 5050 SMD with INK1003 IC
  • Best used for moving LED effect


Edge LED

  • Edge lit LED with 314 SMD
  • Idle for making thin signage’s



  • 5M flex strip roll available with Double coated PCB
  • Water proof available