Smart Programmable LEDs

Smart LEDs are programmable LED strips which are capable of being customized at the bulb level. The sequencing, brightness and timing of each LED bulb is adaptable depending upon the requirement of the user. The product can be used to create a detailed animation of lights within any structure. Anything ranging from the window effect to pixelling can be achieved on a detailed scale.


LEDs are of a single color which makes them an operative tool in the creation of signages. The lights are three times more effective than other devices available in the market and assure a high level of ambience. Packaged with the product, we provide an in-house software and controller to program the LEDs.


Our Smart Programmable LEDs are offered in two forms i.e. ribbon or surface mounted. The ribbon or board can be cut into multiple parts and programmed individually as well. Additionally, on-site training is provided to help you understand the core functionalities of the product and its dependent software. The LEDs can be reprogrammed any number of times and hence, are reusable at every step of your project.


  • Reprogrammable LEDs in white colour
  • 5050 SMD Strips with INK1003 IC
  • 314 SMD lights for Surface Mounted Devices
  • 5M Flex strip roll available with Double coated PCB
  • Ideal for creation of Ultra-Thin Signages