Smart Signs

Smart Signs or Smart Wall are signages with changeable front fascia lit by a backdrop board of LED lights that are capable of being recalibrated as and when required. The product is completely adaptive which makes it a multi-use equipment. Gone are the days when your signages had to be scrapped on a regular basis. Smart Signs are capable of being re-used simply by changing the façade and inserting a USB to re-adjust the light animation behind it. With a life that extends to over three years, your signages turn into assets rather than just being a marketing expense.


Our product creates a lasting impression on the consumer without overtaxing their attention. The information projected is crisp, effective and to-the-point. Unlike Digital Signages which are restricted by the bounds of size, cost, fragility and precarious content creation; this product delivers your message while being optimum against all your aspects. The reason we call it as the Smart Wall is because there are no constraints when it comes to size. It can be scaled up or down as per your store requirement. Smart Signs also help save recurring expenses that are courtesy of every change in strategy a manager implements. To make the sign completely customizable, we design the fixture in a way that compliments your retail environment whether that be as a fully standing unit (FSU) or a wall hanging.


We tailor our services in line with your prerequisites. With every Smart Sign, we offer an optional annual maintenance program under which we take care of any changes required to the product over a period of one year. This includes the initial installation, changing of the fascia and any required recalibrations. Thus, we at Thinkpoint provide a merchandise-oriented experience for you as well as your consumer.



  • Completely customizable in all aspects of size, animation and placement
  • Front fascia provided in either flex or fabric material
  • Simple Plug and Play solution with auto calibration through USB
  • Waterproofing option for outdoor use
  • Packaged with a three-year warranty
  • Slim finish with a width of only 2-inches
  • Optional AMC available