Solar Signs

These signages are operated by auto-blinking solar cells. You don’t require any conventional power supply point or battery. These solar cells are also active when placed in indoor ambient lighting. Besides, they are easy to install at the desired location. To fix them at a desired location, you just have to paste them with 3M tape.


Solar signages come in a variety of models and are available without size constraints. They are fitted with an outer acrylic casing that prevents damage from dust and moisture.


  • Auto Blinking Solar cell operated signs.
  • No power or battery required.
  • Works in indoor ambient lighting .
  • Easy to install, just paste with 3M



  • Available in various sizes & models.
  • Outer acrylic casing, prevents dust and moisture.
  • Compact size 40×40, 50×50, 120×76 (all size in mm)